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Hillman Hunter (1725)

900,000 THB

The Hillman Hunter, back in its day the core member of Rootes Group’s “Arrow” designated model range, is a very rare proposition to find in Thailand today. Even rarer to find one the product of a no expense restoration.

Elegant and comfortable motoring is assured with this sedan that’s synonymous with the 1970s and it will immerse you in the best traditions of the classic car ownership experience while letting you stand out from the crowd.

This particular Hunter is surely the best in the country. Painstakingly restored from the ground up by the previous owner in Chiang Mai, every single minute detail was covered over a three-year build process.

With a rebuilt powertrain it runs like a well-oiled machine while inside the sumptuous cabin all the trim materials have been refurbished and the seats all re-covered.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a car that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

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