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Lotus Europa

2,890,000 THB

The Lotus Europa is lauded as one of the paramount classic British sports cars, its distinctive contours instantly recognised by motoring enthusiasts across the globe. When it debuted in the mid-1960s, the Europa signified a considerable advancement for Lotus, maintaining the brand’s ethos of mid-engine, simplicity, and lightness, yet presented as a bona fide closed-roof, 2-seat sports car. Compact and designed for affordability, it targeted larger-scale production without compromising on Lotus’s renowned charm.

The launch of the Europa was marked by ambition, and swiftly, it became a triumphant tale, captivating purchasers with its proficiency and unique aesthetics. This success spurred a production span of a decade, prioritising quality over quantity. The vehicle boasted contemporary design features for its time, such as ubiquitous independent suspension and the ‘Chapman strut’, a derivative of racing technology, underscoring the car’s performance-centric lineage.

This particular Europa, in a resplendent red, has a storied provenance in Thailand. Imported posthaste upon its assembly, it preserves its original twin-cam engine in impeccable working condition, distinguishing it as one of merely two twin-cam Europas believed to be in the nation. Of the four Europas accounted for in Thailand, the remaining pair, fitted with Renault engines, are presently inactive.

This vehicle is not only historically significant but has also been subject to key enhancements, augmenting its driveability and pleasure. These improvements include the installation of disc brakes and adjustable coilover shocks at each corner. Its appeal extends beyond mere performance; the car has partaken in a host of high-profile events, notably gracing the Thailand International Motor Expo in the preceding December.

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