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Volkswagen Beetle

700,000 THB

The Volkswagen Beetle is an essential part of any car collection. Known as the original “People’s Car,” more than twenty-one million units were produced, making it the most manufactured car of all time and also the longest-running in production.

Some Beetles stand out more than others, and this one is exceptional. It was fully restored by an enthusiast who was clearly captivated by its charm, investing far more than its value. As a result, you can acquire a beautifully finished and presented automotive icon, brimming with distinctive and stylish design features. It’s a car that effortlessly stands out from the crowd.

Ready for transfer, this car offers an instant classic experience for those eager to dive into the Beetle’s unique aura. It’s easy to run, drive, and maintain – a car that truly makes a connection. Not only is it a timeless treasure, but it’s also practical enough to serve as a daily driver. And fitting for this market, it comes equipped with air conditioning.

Transmission: Manual 4 Speed
Production Year: 1968

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