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Toyota Celica ST205

428,000 THB

The Celica ST205 arrived on the market in the mid-90s and took the much-loved Japanese sports coupe to a new level. Gone were the signature pop-ups, replaced by four round lights that defined this generation, along with sleeker and more curved styling that endowed it with a cohesive race (or ‘rally,’ to be more precise) identity.

Clad in its mostly white with red and green flashes, the Castrol livery ST205 was a winner on the rally stages in factory hands, boasting an iconic look that came to define the model.

An incredible car, it stands among the Japanese icons of the final decade of the twentieth century—desirable, collectible, and one that transmits sheer driving pleasure the moment you get behind the wheel.

The ST205 was also the most powerful Celica created by Toyota to date, with around 250 hp on tap. Coupled with the still moderate overall dry weight of the era, less than 1,400 kg, its handling is exemplary and sets a standard even today.

This particular example comes, of course, with the superbly responsive 3S-GTE turbocharged power unit paired with an automatic transmission, making it perfect for the conditions of Thailand.

Transmission: Automatic
Production Year: N/A

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