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Mazda Veilside RX-7

3,100,000 THB

The Mazda RX-7 FD3S stands as one of the true icons of the golden age of JDM, in esteemed company alongside cars like the Skyline and Supra. These models are quite rare in Thailand nowadays, with values accelerating; it’s seldom that such exemplary vehicles come to market, and when they do, they often pass quietly between collectors.

Nothing rivals the distinctive sound of a rotary engine, whose remarkable performance is accentuated by the RX-7’s low weight and centre of gravity. The FD3S styling remains a classic, now further distinguished by the addition of the VeilSide styling kit, celebrated thanks to the ‘Fast & Furious’ film franchise. This particular integration is utterly distinctive, transforming the car into something extraordinary.

The unique combination of wheels and air suspension in this vehicle results in unparalleled distinction; you won’t find another RX7 VeilSide quite like this one, making it a regretful yet necessary offering to the market. A new, proud owner is surely on the horizon for this exceptional piece of automotive history.

Transmission: Manual 5 Speed
Production Year: 2001

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